Patrick Berry

Patrick Berry

Position: Town Council Representative

What brought you here?
My wife and I moved in September of 2001 for a job with a hedge fund that had a satellite branch in Telluride. We have lived in the area ever since and have called Mountain Village our home since 2015.

What motivated you to run for Town Council?
After the election of 2016, I was inspired to seek the council seat to serve and give back to my community, state, and country.

Describe one of your goals and objectives for Mountain Village.
My primary goals are to discover efficiencies in the operational and capital budgets for the town and to continue to push Mountain Village’s environmental sustainability efforts.

What challenges you most about being an elected official?
You can’t please everyone so decisions have to be made with the consideration of the greater good of the whole rather than the individual. Making decisions with that in mind is not easy, especially when the vocal is the minority.

Name a random fact about yourself.
I have two dogs and not enough pairs of skis.

How do you like to spend your free time?
I like to spend my free time with my family, preferably playing in the mountains with them.

What is the best way for your constituents to communicate with you?
E-mail would be my preference for initial contact.

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Term Expiry

Term Expires - June 2025