Peter Duprey

2023 Town Council Candidate

Professional Background/Occupation:

I've been retired for the last 7 years. Prior to retirement, I was the CEO of two businesses in the renewable energy sector with annual revenues exceeding $250 million. I was fortunate to have had a diverse set of experiences in my career in the areas of finance, M&A, venture capital, operations, development and quality. I've been a CFO of three companies ranging in size from $15 to $300 million. I've worked for Fortune 100 companies and start-ups.

I started my professional career with PriceWaterhouseCoopers in Rochester, NY, achieving the level of audit manager which was a great way to learn about different businesses. I have an MBA from the William E Simon School of Business at the University of Rochester and a BS from Clarkson University.

I obtained a CPA and a master black belt certification in quality.

Length of Time as Town Resident:

7.5 years

Previous Political Experience/Specific Qualifications:

I've been on the Mountain Village Town Council for the last 4 years. I’m not a politician and hope I help just getting things done. I have served on the Finance Committee, Parking Committee, Wastewater Treatment Plant Committee, Business Development Advisory Committee and the TMVOA Governance Committee. Covid was certainly a major curve ball, but the Council reacted quickly to expand outside seating for restaurants and ensure the proper protections were in place for the community.

I believe my previous financial and development experience is particularly relevant given the future focus on affordable housing, parking expansion, gondola replacement and the wastewater plant major upgrade. Combined these projects represent hundreds of millions of dollars of investment. I believe that public/private partnerships are a way to help diversify the risks on some of these projects.

With the current mayor and mayor pro-tem subject to term limits this year, I believe it will be important to have some continuity of the remaining Council members.

Reasons You Would Like to Serve:

Being on the Town Council has been a positive experience and I believe I have added some value. I’ve have been involved in several important Town Council committees, which many are at crucial points in their evolution. I believe continuity will be important to not lose momentum. I also believe there is unfinished business which is why I’m running for a second term and hope the community will support my candidacy.

Other Information You Want to Include (family, community involvement, other personal information):

My wife, Kelli and I have lived all over the world and we are enjoying establishing roots in the Telluride area and contributing to the leadership of the community. Kelli is on the Board of San Miguel Resource Center. We have no kids, but an incredible dog – Wrigley. The Telluride area is an incredible place, and we love living in the mountains. I’m a strong believer in sustainable development and feel fortunate to have had an opportunity to make this part of my career for 15 years.