Yvette Rauff

2021 Town Council Candidate

Professional Background/Occupation:

My first career was as a veterinarian. Directly after graduating with my Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree I served in the US Peace Corps in a small mountain town in the Philippines. After returning to the US I worked in a mixed animal practice, then in a strictly companion animal practice. Over the years I eventually concentrated on geriatric medicine, and grief and pet loss counseling.

After leaving veterinary practice I returned to school in a PhD program in epidemiology.

I then became a part owner in a privately held global statistical software company. During my time there I worked my way up to the Chief Operating Officer position. My final position with the company before retirement was as the Chief Culture Officer.

For my nonpaying career, I served on the Board of the AIDS Project in my previous community.

I continue my role as the managing director/Board officer of a nonprofit dance theatre company now relocated to this area.

Length of Time as Town Resident:

Permanent resident since 2019; part-time resident for 8 years prior.

Previous Political Experience/Specific Qualifications:

I was an active member of the three-person Granita HOA Board for the past several years. This role helped me to gain a greater understanding of the issues and concerns of the Mountain Village community.

My business and life experiences have required the ability to expand my knowledge in diverse subject matter areas. I know the value of open, honest, and clear communication and have worked hard throughout my career to become an effective active listener and communicator. I seek always to look at the big picture and work collaboratively to craft the best results that will incorporate the desired goals and values of others for the benefit of all. I choose to start with the ideal, and work back from there to find the best possible solution.

Reasons You Would Like to Serve:

I would like to become a team member of the Mountain Village Town Council to have a more active role in helping to continue to formulate a balanced plan for controlled growth. Being bigger is not always better. I see the town council's role the same as every citizen of Mountain Village: to advocate to improve the quality of life for employees and residents, and also act as a guardian to protect this beautiful area.

I believe continuing to build on finding a solution for the affordable housing crisis is paramount. And, at the same time, being careful to guard against unchecked development at the expense of the environment.

I do believe that there is a good path to lead us into the best future possible for Mountain Village, but it will take all of us as individuals, as well as organizations (the towns of both Telluride and MV, San Miguel County, TSG, etc) working collaboratively to forego the goal of personal gain and follow a path for the greater good of the whole community

Other Information You Want to Include:

I have traveled extensively, but I have yet to find a more beautiful place than here.

As a person who grew up in inner city Detroit I never cease to be stunned by the beauty of this region.

I am also very happy to find a community that recognizes the importance of the Arts in helping to make this such a great place to live and work. A community that is concerned with the welfare of animals. A community that truly cares about its people.

I consider myself a very lucky person to call Mountain Village my home.

I would like the opportunity to use the skills and abilities I’ve gained over my life to serve such a great community. I will work to the best of my abilities to make a positive contribution to the MV Town council by thoughtfully and fairly representing the concerns of all the members of this community: the employees, the full-time and part-time residents and the small business owners.

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