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Public Comment Policy

Town of Mountain Village Public Comment Policy

  • All public commenters must sign-in on the public comment sign in sheet and indicate which item(s) they intend to give public comment on
  • Speakers shall wait to be recognized by the Mayor and shall provide public comment at the public comment microphone when recognized by the Mayor
  • Speakers shall state their full name and affiliation with the Town of Mountain Village if any
  • Speakers shall be limited to five minutes with no aggregating of time through the representation of additional people
  • Speakers shall refrain from personal attacks and shall keep comments to that of a civil tone
  • No presentation of materials through the AV system shall be allowed for non-agendized speakers
  • Written materials must be submitted 48 hours prior to the meeting date to be included in the meeting packet and of record. Written comment
    submitted within 48 hours will be accepted, but shall not be included in the Town Council meeting packet or be deemed of record



Gondola closes for fall off season Oct. 20.