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Announcing new basic cable channel listings. Download new channel listing.

You have the option to subscribe to the most advanced, versatile and reliable platform for cable modem access. We use Data Over Cable System Interface Specification, or DOCSIS, enabling you to surf the net, talk on the phone, or watch television – all at the same time. If at any time the service we offer performs poorly, please contact our service team at (970) 369-0555 or [email protected]. They will be happy to expedite your problem as quickly as possible.

Cable Packages, Channels & Rates

We offer a number of cable packages to help fit your media entertainment needs. You may add one or more premium packages to your digital service. Or add HBO or Cinemax for a nominal fee to our basic service. Before choosing a package, we recommend you review Packages and Rates as well as the various channels we offer – Basic TV Channel Lineup, Basic TV Channel with DVR or Full TV Services Lineup – through Mountain Village Cable.

Cable Packages and Rates have been adjusted for 2019 please review:  Learn More


For Cable & Internet Outages

In case of emergency or an outage, please contact  (970) 369-0555.

Payment Options

There are various ways in which you can pay your cable bill. Payments are due by the 25th of each month. If we don’t receive payment in full by this date, a late fee of $10 will apply. We will disconnect your service if we do not receive payment within 60 days from the original bill date. For those who choose to use a credit card or debit card, please make your payment on the 20th, or the closest business day to that date each month so that your payment is received on time. For billing questions, please email Accounts Receivable Specialist Lindsay Niehaus or call (970) 369-6408.

  • Cash » In Person at Town Hall or the Firehouse, second floor
  • Automatic Payment Enrollment
  • Check » Mail to Town Hall
  • Online » Bill Pay: we have a new account portal where you can sign up for e-billing, make payments, request service and more. Please note: new users will need to create an account. To do so, you will need your six digit account number from your bill, your telephone number and your current billed amount.

Installation & Equipment Charges

We will provide you certain proprietary electronic equipment necessary to enjoy Mountain Village Digital Cable and Analog Cable services; you may not sell this equipment at any time. Please review our Equipment User Agreement which outlines the main details including

  • damage waiver
  • delivery, use, care, replacement and right-of-entry
  • equipment deposit
  • failure to comply with commitments regarding use of equipment
  • inactive equipment
  • liquidated damages for failure to return DCT or modem
  • payment for use of equipment

Since we charge for installation and equipment, you will want to review those details. We will make sure that the equipment is working properly once everything has been installed. If a problem does arise, we recommend you do some troubleshooting of your own prior to contacting us. This will save you money as we charge by the hour; a one-hour minimum rate will apply. For those who live in Mountain Village part-time, you may disconnect your service temporarily at a rate of $8.25 per month per digital box or modem while service is inactive; you will be charged a $20 re-connection fee. To take advantage of this option, contact us.


Basic Cable Service Troubleshooting

Please first ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Is the problem affecting more than one cable outlet?
  2. Is the problem occurring on one channel only?
  3. Do you have a co-existing satellite service?


If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then please contact customer service. If the answer is no, then confirm that:

  • The channel selector on the TV and VCR is on Channel 3 if you have a DCT digital box, HD box or DVR.
  • All switches are set correctly on CATV or CABLE MODE.
  • All connections to the TV, VCR and digital box are finger tight.
  • All electrical outlets in-use are active.
  • If a new TV has been installed, auto-program your TV to bring in our basic TV lineup.
  • If the TV has a TV/video or TV/MONITOR switch, make sure the switch is in the TV position.

Digital Service Troubleshooting

  1. Verify that your TV is tuned to Channel 3.
  2. Verify that your TV, VCR and channel selector connections are correct (see instruction manuals).
  3. Review the following common error messages for digital service to possible identify the source of the issue:


  • One Moment Please » digital cable service is not available at this time
  • Subscription Service » you are not a subscriber of this service
  • Not Authorized » the receiver has not completed the necessary download
  • To Be Announced » the receiver has lost electronic guide data