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We are the Town of Mountain Village.
It’s nice to meet you.

We are located at 9,545 feet in Southwest Colorado, just a stone’s throw from Telluride, and happy to be home to a place where so many people like you go to live life to its fullest.

Residents HP

Our residents are the glue.

Whether you have been here since the beginning or just moved here, we want to welcome you to this little slice of heaven in Colorado. We think you will agree that coming home is always nice.

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Business is the lifeline.

Business is at the fabric of any community, and opening a business has its challenges – and its rewards. To cut through the minutiae and ease some of the burden, we have complied some useful information that you can access at your convenience.

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Governing HP

Governing Mountain Village since 1995.

Established as a home rule municipality March 10, 1995, Mountain Village is led by a democratically-elected governing body responsible for adopting policies with the intent to foster a proud community. It is the governing section of this site where you can find all pertinent documents related to running Mountain Village like a well-oiled machine.

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Recreating HP

Recreate with us. We promise you will have zero regrets.

Fortunately Mountain Village is situated in the heart of the San Juan mountains where the scenic allure is unparalleled. And what better way to relish in Mother Nature than to be in the thick of it every chance you get. With an abundance of winter and summer recreational opportunities, our mountains provide a gateway for adventure.

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Getting Around HP

Getting around is a piece of cake.

One thing that sets Mountain Village apart – and keeps us at number one on TripAdvisor – is our gondola system. We provide this form of transportation to the public for free. Yes, free. If you prefer to navigate through Mountain Village by car, you have a number of places to park within town limits and a parking app making it more convenient to pay … though we do recommend you retire those car keys most days.

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Green Living HP

We prefer carrots over sticks.

We invest in various environmental programs as part of our larger ethos of protecting the environment outside of Mountain Village’s 3.27 square mile radius. We hope you will join us in these efforts.

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Gondola closed Oct. 21-Nov. 21. Download our fall 2019 bus schedule.